All Lead to Photosynthesis.


Without Photosynthesis, there wouldn't be a pizza. What are we gonna do!? Pizza dough is flour, which is from plants (e.g. wheat). The cheese is made from milk, and cows and goats are herbivores. And other toppings of your choice are also likely from plants or animals that are dependent on plants.


Without Photosynthesis, we wouldn't be able to enjoy a campfire. Yes, that means no more S'more. Obviously, you need firewoods, which are from plants. You also need oxygen for combustion. We have oxygen in the air because of photosynthesis.


Without Photosynthesis, you wouldn't be able to paint. Yes, that includes paintball, too. Paints, including oil paints, are mostly from plants. Paintbrushes are made of bristles from animals (dependent on plants) or synthetic filaments, which are made from petroleum - also from photosynthesis!


Without Photosynthesis, we cannot go out of space. We need all the resources that photosynthetic organisms provide, including oxygen. To search for extraterrestrial life in galaxies, astronomers try to observe the signal from chlorophylls, which are essential for photosynthesis.


Without Photosynthesis, there wouldn't be books to read. No magazines, no newspapers. It may sound a little primitive since we have e-books now, which I think is a good start! But, we still use a lot of paper for other things, and we consume plants for every piece of paper.


Without Photosynthesis, there wouldn't be electricity, as we still very much rely on fossil fuel to generate electricity (IEA). Fossil fuel is derived from decomposed plant materials. Photosynthesis research will help develop the solar energy system.


Without Photosynthesis, we wouldn't be able to see the sunset as we see now. The red color near the horizon is derived from the refraction of sunlight through the atmosphere, which contains ozone (O3 = from oxygen). Having thick multiple atmospheric layers helps refraction that makes sunset red.


Without Photosynthesis, there wouldn't be fuel (e.g. oil & natural gas), which is the foundation of humanity. Spending millions of years, ancient organic materials, all of which are derived from photosynthesis, are decomposed underneath the ground (with high pressure & temperature) and converted into fuel.

deep ocean

Without Photosynthesis, deep ocean ecosystems wouldn't be sustained even though light cannot reach there. They eat organic matter falling from the upper layers, also known as "marine snow", all of which is derived from photosynthetic organisms. There are so many hidden depths in photosynthesis.


Without Photosynthesis, we wouldn't have tall buildings made of steel, which is from "banded iron formations (BIFs)". In Earth's early history, most iron ions were dissolved in seawater. But, as oxygen concentration increased by photosynthesis, iron was oxidized and precipitated to the seafloor, generating BIFs (still debated).


Without Photosynthesis, we wouldn't be able to work, communicate, or do anything these days! Everything in this picture wouldn't exist without photosynthesis, including laptops or phones - containing plastics, which are made from fuel. Bioplastics are another way, but it still requires biomass from photosynthesis.


Without Photosynthesis, not only "mocha" but also any of us wouldn't be here. All animals are a part of the natural evolution on Earth. Photosynthetic organisms have always been the primary producers for all of us. It's sad to think there would be another world, where I don't shampoo mocha :(